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The images of heaven on earth associated with Guadeloupe are borne by landscapes of postcard, such as blond sand beaches, shaded with coconut trees. The modulate Creole music also says a lot about about how locals see life in the Caribbean. Let yourself be carried away by these musical rhythms that have become traditional ... Choose your villa to rent in Guadeloupe for a holiday.

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Here are our holiday villas offers in Guadeloupe. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Guadeloupe proposes you also some apartments for rent in Guadeloupe and more generally some holiday homes in Guadeloupe.

Holiday villas for rent in Guadeloupe

In Guadeloupe, music and dance are indissociable arts that punctuate many moments of everyday life. The slaves already sang and danced to lighten their exhausting tasks or to share their desire for freedom and revolt. This has long resonated with the Gwoka drums. Today, the tradition is still alive, but it has been accompanied by festive and light notes. Take the example of the beguine... Traditionally, it was a dance that started the ball, from the English word "begin" which means "to start". Born in the Antilles in the nineteenth century, the beguine was created by freed slaves, who played in the balls given by their masters. They added to the music they performed singing and drumming. In the 1930s, we continue to hum "Ba moin en ti bo douou", now the symbol of Caribbean music. At that time, New Orleans jazz inspires musicians who integrate it little by little to the beguine. The beguinewas also a great success in Paris, where it was played in the "black balls" Boulevard Montparnasse. Not forgetting, in the 1980s, the tube of singer Marc Lavoine who was ready to give everything for a beguine with the girl he was in love with. We could also talk about zouk, the most famous Creole dance, spearheaded by the Kassav group or the quadrille, a traditional bourgeois dance. Therefore, will you be able to resist the catchy rhythms of these dances which you will hear frequently in Guadeloupe?

In addition to zouk, you would like to make the most of your trip to Guadeloupe by having a try to dive? Many spots rich in fish and exotic plants are waiting for you. Beginners too are welcome. My Home In has selected beautiful houses just next to the sea.