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The website My home in Guadeloupe is exclusively dedicated to holiday in Guadeloupe. Open to the Caribbean sea and to the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Guadeloupe seems to be far away when looking at it from Europe. Located 6,200 km from France, 600 km from Venezuela, 700 km from the Dominican Republic and 2,200 km from the United States, this is due to its geographic position that Guadeloupe is so different. Guadeloupe belongs to the Caribbeans arche and is one of its most paradisiac islands. Composed with various islands, such as La Desirade, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Saint Martin, Saint Barth, the archipelago of Guadeloupe has Guadeloupe as main island. Its shape, quite similar to the one of a butterfly is one of its distinctive elements.

Guadeloupe is composed with two parts. To the west is Basse Terre where the famous volcano La Souffriere stands above a huge tropical forest. Basse Terre is totally different from what Grande Terre is. To the east, Grande Terre is the main touristic destination. It hosts most of Guadeloupe postal card beaches. Saint François, Saint Anne and Le Gosier, being the main spots. Those two parts are literally linked by Pointe à Pitre, the capital city. This city has a rich history and is one of the Guadeloupe symbole when it comes to local culture.

Guadeloupe is a fantastic place for a holiday. You just need to find your accommodation!

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