Practical information for your holiday in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe in a few

Surrounded by the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Guadeloupe with its butterfly shape is the type of island you can admire from the airplane, thinking how good your holiday will be. Linked by the city of Pointe à Pitre, we can easily think that Guadeloupe is an island limited to its two parts, Basse Terre and Grande Terre. This is without considering that Guadeloupe is an archipelago composed with 7 islands in total. Les Saintes, Marie Galante and La Desirade are the closest ones but we should not forget also Saint Barth and Saint Martin to the north. 

With a tropical climate, Guadeloupe, as most of the Caribbean islands, is particularly green. Giant trees, plants of various types will be your companion during your stay as they are anywhere in Guadeloupe! This extensive vegetation will provide you with the shade you need during your treks, when you want a break. In Guadeloupe, resting has a huge importance! What's better than relaxing next to a beach bordered by coconut trees and crystal clear water? The long white sandy beaches of Saint Anne, but also the darkest ones of Trois Rivieres are waiting for you. You can take advantage of this amazing landscaping to discover the mangrove, the famous volcano La Souffriere or even to follow your first diving course! Guadeloupe has a lot to offer!

On top of this wonderful natural environment, Guadeloupe inhabitants are people to meet, and if possible around the local drink : the rhum. They like dancing and have a huge history to talk about.

How should I get there?

Regular flights for Guadeloupe are provided by four different French airplane companies : Air Caraïbes, Air France, Corsair and XL. Starting from Paris, count approximately 400€ for a full ticket. If you intend to visit Guadeloupe during the school holidays, especially during the winter season, better to organize yourself in advance. Ticket prices raise and can be quite expensive, especially if you travel as a family.

After a 7 to 8 hours flight, you will reach Pointe à Pitre airport, named Guadeloupe Pole Caraibe, located 3 kilometers from Pointe à Pitre centre. To join the city centre, you can obviously rent a car but also use the bus network, that remains quite efficient. Taxi is also an option, but it can be quite expensive too!

When should I come?

Guadeloupe is the typical tropical island, hot and humid most of the year. During the European winter season, the wind blows every day at the same speed and from the same direction. This wind is called Alyzee and is a Caribbean asset ! During the winter season, average temperature are around 27°C. This allows you to discover Guadeloupe without paying that much attention to the temperature. However, be careful, with the wind, you may forget that the sun is dangerous. The European summer season is also very sunny but with less wind and the Caribbean islands are therefore not as pleasant as they are during the winter. Whatever the season, you will enjoy your holiday rental in Guadeloupe.

Good to know!

The period from July to December is not the ideal one. This is a season during which rain are quite important. It is also the season where you can face hurricanes in the Caribbeans. Better to avoid this period and plan your trip between December and June. Much more appropriated !