Tourism in Guadeloupe

The two wings of Guadeloupe butterfly are a wonderful playground for whoever likes trekkings. Travelling to Guadeloupe backpack is a great way to discover the island and its tropical forest. You will be surprised by the diversity of the landscaping Guadeloupe offers. Immersion into the tropical forest, swimming under natural fresh water cascades, climbing the famous Soufriere, there is a lot to do in Guadeloupe !

Going through Guadeloupe is a great way to know more about this history of this island. Do not forget to visit the sugarcane plantations and the cotton ones. You will better understand how the local drink "rhum" is made and the situation during the slavery period and how people fought against it.

In Guadeloupe, water sports activities occupy a very important place. Some bays are particularly great when it comes to snorkeling of deep diving. Allow yourself to swim with the turtles and colored fishes!

Visiting the main cities of Guadeloupe, such as Pointe à Pitre, the capital, Le Moule or Basse Terre is also a must do. By the way, if you intend to visit museum during your stay in Guadeloupe, choose the Memorial ACTe. Dedicated to the slavery period, this museum is a good way to understand Guadeloupe (but also all the Caribbean islands nearby) and where the Guadeloupeans come from. This museum has been built in a location that used to be the sugar factory of Darboussier, where people were forced to work. The Memorial ACTe shows you slavery as a global movement from antiquity to its abolition. 

Much smaller, but also very interesting is the Eco Museum of Marie Galante. This is an interesting testimony about the sugar industry in Guadeloupe. Far away from any cliché, it gives a true representation of how the sugarcane plantations were run and the relationship between the slaves and the plantation owners. After such a visit you will better understand the spirit of the island. Events and activities in Guadeloupe will make your stay a dream holiday!