Events in Guadeloupe

If there is one event that makes Guadeloupe particularly famous, it's the "Route du Rhum". Even if you do no know anything about sailing and are not able to make the distinction between a school boat and a 3 mast sailing yacht, we all have in mind the smile of Florance Arthaud's face while she won the race in 1990 on Pierre Premier multihull. Every 4 years, between late October and Early December, monohulls and multihulls leave Saint Malo to reach Pointe à Pitre. This is a 7200 kilometers race, single handed, crossing the Atlantic. This race has contributed to the development of the Bas du Fort marina in Pointe à Pitre, where the arrival is. In normal periods, this is one of the most important marina of the Caribbeans, hosting quite a lot of private and rental boats.

The other big event in Guadeloupe that should not be missed is the Carnival. In February, all the entire island of Guadeloupe from Basse Terre to Pointe à Pitre lives with the Carnival festivities. It starts on the first Sunday of January to end to months later during the "Cendres Wednesday".

For those who like cycling, Guadeloupe has its own Tour! During the first two weeks of August, the Guadeloupe Tour takes place. It obviously attracts people from Guadeloupe but also from the islands nearby. Cycling is very developed in Guadeloupe, and even with no races, you will cross for sure many people cycling on their own or in local races during the weekends.

Still for people who like sport activities, the Volcano Trail takes places in June. This events attracts in Guadeloupe people from all over the world for a 42 kilometers race. This is quite a unique opportunity to discover the volcano and its top! If you like running into the wild, register as soon as the registration opens.

In a more relaxing move, the Cook celebration takes place on the 10th of August. This is a celebration for greedy people! During this day, the best cook of Basse Terre and Pointe à Pitre will compete, dress with local and traditional costumes. Organise from now your holiday in Guadeloupe.